Click "Register" at the homepage. You will need to fill in the required details such as full name (to appear on the certificate – this can’t be changed later), valid email, qualification, etc. Also, check the reCAPTCHA and accept the term and conditions before clicking "Create account". A verification link will be sent to the registered email to activate the account.

Yes, email verification is mandatory to get access to the portal access. Also note that if a user does not verify their email address within 7 days’ time, their details will be removed from the platform. They can come back to the portal for a fresh registration.

After logging in, navigate to “My Course” in the left panel of the website. Click the Launch button to begin the course.

You may open a ticket by clicking “My Tickets” in the left panel of the portal form your account.

You may change your password by clicking “Change Password” in the left panel of the platfomr from your account.

Yes! You may self-enroll in a course by clicking “Enroll Course” under “My Courses” section found in the left panel of the portal from your account. Please note that you can enroll in any of the courses, only if you have a verified account on the portal.

Yes, you may take the survey in the “Survey” section of the course found in the left panel of the website.

Yes, the website saves your progress. After completing a session, when you re-launch the course, the system will ask you to resume.

Yes, a certificate is issued once the course is completed. The certificate will be available from the course dashboard.

If the course has an assessment, you need to score the applicable pass percentage to receive a certificate. If you fail to get the desired score, we encourage you to restart the course again.

A “View Certificate” button will be available on the course dashboard once you successfully complete the course. Once you click the button, the certificate opens in a new tab and can be downloaded (in PDF format). Please ensure that window pop-in is allowed in your browser.

Yes, once you complete a course, you can share the certificate on your LinkedIn wall.

In browser, there is a setting to enable JavaScript and this needs to be enabled. If the JavaScript in browser is disabled all the course tracking will not work. 
To Enable this please visit browser settings and there you will see the javascript and enable by selecting Allow from dropdown.

If you continue to face a problem, we suggest you clear the cache/temporary files from your browser and try again. If you continue to face problem, please contact us at